Sports & Safety Eyewear

When most people think of safety eyewear they are usually thinking industrial safety for the use in fields like construction or manufacturing. Safety is so much more than that. It is truly lifestyle eyewear. Almost everyone benefits from safety eyewear. Activities like sports, hunting and shooting, boating, motorcycle and ATV riding, landscaping and gardening, farming and ranching, vehicle maintenance, and home improvement are all things where safety eyewear is a fantastic choice. Not only will they protect you but your dress pair of eyeglasses won’t have to suffer the damage.

Safety eyewear can be both corrective or non prescription. All the features of your daily eyewear lenses are available in safety so you won’t have to give up the features of your glasses you like best. Progressive lens wearers, Transitions fans, even polarized sun lenses are available in safety. Our safety eyewear meets or exceeds the highest standards set by OSHA for high impact resistance and are stamped with the Z87-2+ safety standard.

You deserve the best vision, comfort, and protection for every adventure. Tell us what your life’s passions are and we will find a solution just right for you.

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Safety Eyewear For Your Child

Our children are busier than ever and The Optical Shop of Sealy has exactly what your child needs to be successful in everything they do. Great achievements begin with great sight. We have a fantastic selection of children and youth frames. If your child is spending a lot of study and play time on devices let us make a kid-safe lens designed to protect their eyes as well as make clear vision. We have eyewear for the young athlete too. Stylish and protective, Wiley X Youthforce is a great way to prevent serious injury, enhance their game, and keep their day to day eyewear in perfect shape. Older children might be ready to try contact lenses for the first time. There is no official age minimum to wear contacts but we recommend the child be able to insert and remove the lenses on their own and be able to clean them according to the directions . Talk with our doctors at your next visit to find out if your child is a good candidate for contact lenses.

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Safety Eyewear For Your Needs

Whatever the reason you need eye protection – be it for industrial safety, tactical and law enforcement, hunting, the rodeo, sports, swimming, boating, or riding your motorcycle – leave it to us to create high-quality lenses with specialized frames that will flawlessly protect your eyes.