Designer Frames & Sunwear in Sealy, Texas

Whatever your eyeglasses prescription needs are, we’ve got eyeglass frames to fit your style at our optical in Sealy, Texas . At Sealy Eye Center we carry designer frames from today’s hottest fashion labels, because we know that great eyewear is about more than superior vision–it’s about expressing who you are to the world.

Most single vision lenses can be created in house same day!

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The Prescription Glasses You Need

The Style You Crave

Sealy Eye Center has the designer labels you want, right here in Sealy, Texas.
Snag a pair of runway-ready frames and express your personal style, whenever, wherever.

Boutique Optical – High Quality, High Fashion Frames

We are excited to fit our customers from Sealy and all surrounding cities, including Bellville, Wallis, Columbus, La Grange, Eagle Lake, Brookshire, and Garwood, TX, with the perfect pair of designer frames for sharp vision and a fabulous look!

Contemporary eyeglasses are no longer worn for only practical purposes. Nowadays, glasses come in a trending array of styles to support every visual requirement and personal sense of style. In fact, many people who do not need vision correction put on glasses to modernize their outfit with an eye-catching accessory.

At Sealy Eye Center, we stock our optical display shelves with a varied collection of high-end frames from your favorite designers. Whether you prefer hip and innovative or sleek and luxurious, we have a pair of top quality eyeglasses to suit your style and your budget. Visit anytime to shop our boutique optical!

Trending Designer Names

It brings us great pleasure to keep Sealy, Bellville, Wallis, Columbus, La Grange, Eagle Lake, Brookshire, and Garwood, TX, in style with classy frames from all the latest designer brands in eyewear. We feature your favorites, such as Bellinger, Coach, Nike, Oakley, Silhouette, and many more.

Personalized Optician’s Picks

How can you choose the best optics for your face and your life? When it’s time to choose a new pair of frames, you need to consider your face shape, hair color, lifestyle needs, skin tone, vision prescription, and unique personality. We understand that it can be hard to keep all that in mind! That’s why our optical staff will stay by your side to help you make the right choice of exceptional eyewear.

Walk-ins are welcome in our boutique Sealy store! Visit anytime with your current prescription, or call ahead to book an eye exam.

Glasses You Can Depend On

We don’t compromise on the construction of your eyewear. All of the glasses in our Sealy optical collection are made with premium materials and precise engineering. We want your frames to stand up to the use and abuse of every lifestyle. You’ll find designer glasses made from streamlined, lightweight titanium, durable plastics, flexible metals, and tough wood features.

In addition to withstanding the tests of time and daily wear, you need to trust that your glasses will provide crisp and clear vision under all conditions. Our trained and experienced staff will help you choose the most suitable lenses, lens coatings, and types of frames to support your vision prescription.